Saturday, June 9, 2012

Teacher - Masterful Moonlighters

Teachers are masters at moonlighting.  According to an article in SF Gate, by Christopher Haugh, 62 percent of teachers need second jobs.  Our new question is where do teachers moonlight?   We did an informal survey of our friends, some work at the public library, some as tutors at Kaplan Learning Center, some after-school jobs.   We'd like to hear from you, where do you work as a second job?  What do you do as a second job or during the summer?  Tell us here.

Teachers have second jobs because their passion to teach isn't rewarded with a salary that pays enough to meet their financial obligations.  Help us help you.  A teacher from NC just reached out to us with this site (, she sells scarfs to defer medical costs.  Please share your website here too. If you have a small business, please share your website here as well.